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that build the better world...
for everyone

What we do

Our background is creating the biggest digital content platform in Poland, for many years a top 10 website in absolute numbers of users. Since then, we are constantly leveraging of our resources working towards positive social change in two areas we find strategic:


We strogly believe that the world today still does not utilize the power hidden in the development of information techologies. We believe that people still need better tools for effective communication, cooperation and knowledge sharing. We are creating and supporting internet startups in this area, including:

Ping is a new approach to task management. It uses the best practices of the GTD method, making it easier to manage your own tasks and delegate tasks to others.

Chrome extension that allows you to easily save, catalog and comment things you find on the web (links, photos, videos, quotes, prices, addresses).


We believe that creating a better world is so much easier starting with the kids! That is why we are taking efforts in redesigning the education system, creating the enviroment for kids of different ages, which respects their individuality and helps them develop their talents instead of unilateral pushing the knowledge into them. Our approach, Connected Education, is currenly tested and developed while creating the network of places for kids:

Agile Learning Centers


Who we are

The core of organization is a tight-knit team of the best specialists accross differnet fields.

Inspired? You can join us!

We are constantly interested in supporting individuals and startups in the areas of our interest, both for-profit and non-for-profit. If you believe you are working on something that seems compatibile with what we do, please get in touch!